Sign Photos

, Regional Airport Signage

Regional Airport Signage

A Fresh Look A regional airport needed new signs. We used 1/4″ thick photopolymer for the faceplate. These where painted black and the raised text and pictograms where tipped white. The photopolymer face was...

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, The Manhattan Suite Photopolymer Sign

The Manhattan Suite Photopolymer Sign

Surface Painted Sign with NYC Skyline We recently did an interior sign project for a corporate office building. The signs were made from 1/8″ photopolymer that was pointed with a Metallic Taupe background. The...

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, Corporate Photopolymer Signage

Corporate Photopolymer Signage

Sub-surface Acrylic Meets Photopolymer Signage This project for corporate ADA photopolymer signage incorporated black quarter rounded extruded frames and a non-glare acrylic lens that had a sub-surface silkscreened logo and sub-surface paint for color....

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, Photopolymer Elevator Signs

Photopolymer Elevator Signs

We recently used 1/8” Thick Photopolymer material to make a series of elevator signs. The holes for the floor buttons were router and the photopolyemr panel was surface painted and tipped. Click here to...

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, Westin ADA Hotel Signs

Westin ADA Hotel Signs

High End Hotel Room Signs We completed a project for a Westin Hotel that incorporated a Wilsonart Laminate that was mounted on black acrylic with Westin logo. The ADA Braille and tactile on the...

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, Layered Braille Office Signs

Layered Braille Office Signs

We recently completed an Office Building project where we used three layers of material to create depth and dimension for the Braille room identification signs. Office Building Signs Layer 1 – 1/8” surface-painted photopolymer...

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, College Signage

College Signage

College Campus Sign Project This is a new project we completed for a college campus. The signs were made from standard surface painted photopolymer with a custom accent bar under the pictogram. The background...

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, Oracle Signage

Oracle Signage

Clean and Elegant We recently completed a great project for Oracle Corporation. The signs were made from standard surface painted photopolymer with custom screened tactile text and graphics. The color selection matched with the...

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, Bellco Completes Ashby Sign Project

Bellco Completes Ashby Sign Project

Bell Company recently completed a project they did for Ashby, a new upscale apartment complex, at Ross Bridge. This sign project was completed using  ¼” thick PT236 Photopolymer, with digital printed elements for the...

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