ADA Codes – New 2010 Standard for Accessible Design

Understanding the NEW ADA Codes and How it will Impact You

The 2010 ADA Standard for Accessible Design went into effect on March 15, 2012. This was the first major change to the ADA codes by the DOJ since 1991. The new codes standardize all the accessibility codes across the US and were taken directly from the 2004 ADA Accessibility Guideline or ADAAG.

The new codes do not limit or restrict the use of any material. The codes actually broaden the scope of mounting height (now can be mounted form 48″ to 60″) and include a provisions for  Dual Message signs. A Dual Message sign has the tactile message repeat above the tactile area. When this occurs, the tactile does not have to contract with the background and the visual message can use Serif Fonts. The purpose of this is to expand design options while keeping the sign functional be the blind and visually impaired. See the 2010 Standard for more details.Bell Company ADA Dual Message Sign

The codes touches on typography and tactile kerning. Characters now must have an 1/8″ space separating the 2 closest points of the characters.

There are a few other changes in the codes that we can assist you with. Everyone on our staff if up to date with all the codes and ADA regulation ensuring that all the sign and products we produce are ADA compliant.

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